Festival of the Mind

Sheffield Carescapes: Potential Futures for a Caring Society

September 22, 2020

Writer Akeem Balogun presents two short stories How Many Years? performed by Kate Woods and Reuben Johnson, and Comprehensive and Assistive Robotic Enhancer performed by Rose Gray and Sile Sibanda.

These stories were written for the Sheffield Carescapes: Potential Futures for Caring Society project and were inspired by Dr Matthew Lariviere's work on the future of care technologies and practices.

Part of Festival of the Mind 2020 festivalofthemind.sheffield.ac.uk/2020


"Ambience - busy call-centre" by DNL Burnett CC by 3.0
"Writing" by Leoctiurs CC by 3.0
"Writing with scissors" by MoKoLoKo CC by 3.0

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